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Department of computer science

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The computer network group includes: System Modeling, Fundamentals of Internet, Telecommunications, Computer Systems and Networks, Network Operation Systems, Banking Computer Systems, Network Administration, and Wireless Networks.

These courses provide students with a material on reliable and secure information transfer protocols, as well as switching and routing through multipath networks. It provides students with the skills and knowledge to design, monitor and manage complex telecommunication systems.

Department of telecommunications.

Students in class

Project works. From the second year of the program, students spend time doing practical projects. These projects (in software, hardware development, and networking) are designed to help you acquire a wide range of skills: team-work, project planning, applying your learning to design and build problems, and presentation.

The final degree project is an integral part of the four-year Bachelor program. This project is supervised by a member of the academic staff. It is an intensive activity during which students undertake engineering exercises.

Facilities. The quality of our teaching and learning environment is apparent not only in our courses, but also in the facilities that support learning in the university. The computer engineering block houses the computer classrooms, electronics engineering labs with the most up-to-date equipment. Students deal with telecommunication and computer equipment of such companies as: Intel, Cisco, Ericsson, Siemens, D-Link, etc. A substantial annual budget ensures that all equipment is of high quality and cutting-edge.

The university library contains all lecture summaries, textbooks, specialized articles, journals and many books in English on subjects relating to computer engineering and information technologies. Over 40% of our materials are available in electronic form and we are continually developing new services to save student’s time in searching and locating material.

Staff. Students are taught by academicians at the forefront of their fields whose research inspire their teaching. Some lecturers became instructors of the Cisco International Academy, Microsoft International Academy, Intel Incorporation company. In their courses they use materials of certification courses for preparing students to take Industry Certification exams.

Careers. Graduates of the Bachelor Program in Computer Engineering find employment as Software and Hardware Developers, System Administrators, Database Administrators, Web Designers, Network Administrators in the leading companies and enterprises.